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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thank you everyone!

It's finally a new semester for the Truly Loving Campaigners. Soon we will be embarking on new projects in the course of our studies.

But before we go any further, we would like to dedicate the montage (displayed above) to thank each and every one who has contributed to the success of this campaign!

Thank you everyone!

The Truly Loving Campaigners

Monday, August 25, 2008

The love continues to spread...

Even after the campaign, we, the Truly Loving Campaigners felt it was a good idea to join TLC in NASAM's fun in the park, a fundraiser held at Taman Jaya on the 24th of August.

Around half of the Truly Loving Campaigners joined in the fun. Some of us were running around as Hygiene Inspectors(in other words, we were picking up garbage), some were on balloon duty,helping put up balloons on each booth while others helping out in booth which offered games and food!

Keropok Girl... Ms Lim has changed jobs, no longer a keropok vendor, next murruku and kacang putih

Archery...this was one of the many games

FOOD!.. we kept coming back for seconds, we especially loved the Meating Place

Balloon Duty...running around with balloons

Let's go fly a kite...people were allowed to design their own kites

The Truly Loving Company had a booth of their own too, and it was constantly crowded with people who wanted to know what was going on

Checking out TLC... at the TLC booth

People buying TLC... they came, they saw, they bought

This picture was pure conincidence... we caught a kid trying to read the TLC buntings

Nearing the end of the started raining! But the fun didn't end there! We gathered at a small gazebo and suprised one of our Truly Loving Campaigners, by the name of Cherry with a birthday cake. We sang "Happy Birthday" and took group pictures while completely soaked all the way to our toes(our soggy shoes actually produces weird sounds when we walked! Yuck!)

Truly enjoyable...a group photo with the birthday girl in the middle

It started as a fine day and ended as a great one

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

As promised...

We have uploaded new pictures. However, concerns on whether blogger can handle so many pictures, we have set up a flickr account to put our pictures

Please feel free to visit:

The pictures added are only a small part of what we really want to show you, currently, you will see the overall look of the campaign and the people behind it.

There will be more updates bringing you pictures throughout the event and its process.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

THE TRULY LOVING CAMPAIGN!! has come to an end! :)

...but we, the Truly Loving Campaigners believe, this is just the beginning..toward the road of charity. The only difference is, we as the Truly Loving Community are now in this Truly Loving Cause together.
The FIRST DAY (11th August 2008)

We were all really nervous about the launching ceremony, none of us had enough sleep and that we all forgot about breakfast. Naturally, muscles were tensed! rather tangled...

THIS IS HOW WE SPREAD THE LOVE! ... (From left) Head of School of Social Science and Humanities,Mr Lee Hwee Chuin, TARC principal Ms Yoong Lai Thye, thd founder of TLC, Ms Julia Chong and the Director of TLC, Mr Khaw Chay Tee launching the campaign

Following up with that, the opening performance was presented by one of our Talentime Nite Finalists, as they named themselves "Everlasting", playing instrumental music that soothed the atmosphere in the hall.

Gifted! ... Daniel Lee, strumming his guitar from the bottom of his heart.

Exhibition Tour Time... Truly Loving Committee representatives led the VIPs and gave a little presentation on every exhibition booth! My oh my, were they impressed!

Stunning... a breathtaking performance by local celebrity, Desiree

Second Day (12th August)

We had a crazy good time when we found that we have hit our initial target of sales transaction, the crowd that came for the exhibition was increasing by the hour.

Not forgetting, we had performances by TARC talents and local celebrity, Luo Yi Shi

Awe strucked...Luo Yi Shi mesmerizing the crowd with her performance ________________________________________________

The 3rd day (13th August 2008)

After 2 months of hard work, putting in blood, sweat and what not...It was finally time for the campaign to end, but it ended in victory therefore it was worth it

We hit a sales transaction of RM 22,018.00, exceeding our initial target of RM 15k...obviously the love has been spread.

Ahhh....Orange very excited during a game with member of the audience to see how fast she can wrap up her combo of products

Victory!! ...Proof that we fought the odds and won!

RM22,018.00...The mock giant receipt presentation by Mr Lee Hwee Chuin, head of school of Social Science and Humanities to the founder of TLC, Ms Julia Chong

Celebration...The 8tv Go Go Go celebrities joining the Truly Loving Campaigners on stage to sing "Heal the world" to celebrate the success of the event(Can you spot our lecturer smiling happily on the left? Let's hope we all get As, haha)

*More pictures to come...we promise!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day 1 to 5 of the Pre Event Promotional Booth!

The 5 craziest day of our lives! Working together with our Truly Loving Comrades (AAV2- Our Advertising Agency ), we had booths located in the canteen foyer of our campus! It was endlessly fun!

We had many special and passionate performances

People coming in to the booths to know more about the campaign, and they were given heart stickers to stick up in our Truly Loving Comrades' booth

We even had a day where there was no electricity! But the show must go on!


Some of our Truly Loving Comrades dressed in Pajamas participating in the RYDER, a stunt in which many will stay frozen in position to gain attention


Among the few weird figures to be found during the promotional booth

A million thanks to Digi D'campus for all the goodies we had to give away and also, the walking coffee kiosk man! Hahaha!

Friday, August 8, 2008

We only have a few days left...

It's time to get serious, all Truly Loving Campaigners are busy working hard. For the past 5 days, from the 3rd to the 8th of August 2008, the Publicity and Promotions teams of the Truly Loving Committee has had a promotional booth in the canteen foyer of our college, to publicise the event within campus.

Set ups were done on sunday for this promotional, the 2nd of August, and boy was it hard work!___________________________________________________

A whole day of hard work...but it was worth it

Monday, August 4, 2008

We are famous!

We've been featured on Xinz Magazine! And we are thrilled about it!

Xinz is a new chinese entertainment and lifestyle!

Here, have a look!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Combo Sets Packing Day

On the 31st July, 2008 which was a Thursday, the Programming Exhibition department went to Truly Loving Company to do their wrapping up for their product selling. The day started and it turns out, one of our team members was not aware of the TLC trip and it was a rude awakening for him as we called him early in the morning (8.30am). Everyone was panicking when the van arrived. Fortunately, he made it in time. After the commotion, we happily set off to TLC. We arrived at the TLC office at 10am sharp.

It was an awesome experience for our particular team as it was our first time there. We were filled with excitement and we went straight down to business, the reason we were there that day was for wrapping up the TLC products into combo sets for the coming campaign (on the 11th, 12th and 13th August). There were three types of special combo sets that will be up for purchase to be wrapped. Also, we had to decorate the three hampers which will be up for the lucky draw that will happen in our event.

To be efficient, the team was broken down into three subgroups. Each team was in charge of wrapping each set. There were 150 sets to be wrapped. But of course, while we were serious in work, we had our moments of silliness too, as we made jokes and sang silly songs to keep each other entertained. And we ended up breaking a water glass (oh no!!!) But Ms Julia Chong and the other members were very nice about it. :P

After much hard work, it was soon lunchtime. Thanks to TLC, we had a wholesome Malaysian meal…Nasi Lemak! We ended up reaching our target of 150 combo wrap ups earlier than expected and managed to get 70 more combo sets done. Which is to say, we have 220 combos up for all of you to purchase!

Overall, the visit was wonderful, Ms Julia Chong and the other TLC members were generous and very down to earth, we felt so comfortable and awed in their presence, we would like to take the opportunity here to say thank you for all the inspiration and the LUCNH! :D

Also, special thanks to Mrs Linda Plascow who were there and sponsored us with TLC shower crème and body lotion.

So please, do come and visit us at the Truly Loving Campaign!

Packing time...hard at work

Only at TLCampaign...come and check out this hamper

This is why you should won't get this anywhere else

Finally!... The result of our hard work! (Psst...We were actually very shocked that Ms Julia sat on the floor with us! What a Truly Loving CEO)

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Spreading the love in D'Campus

A new addition to the Truly Loving Campaign family! We are proud to announce D'Campus Digi as our main sponsor!

We are also glad to inform everyone that there will be games and prizes that you won't want to miss out!

Feeling curious now,aren't you? Well, stay tuned for more details! ;P

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Truly Loving Campaigners Unveiled!

We finally have our official committee picture! On the 24th of July, Truly Loving Campaigners from the course of APR1(Advanced Diploma in Mass Communication-Public Relations Year One) gathered together to take a "big happy family" photo!

In white, we are stunning... The members of APR1 Truly Loving Campaigners

The board of directors... Team leaders of the campaign organizing committee and our advisor,Ms Lim!

Also joining us in this photography session were the new additions to our Truly Loving Campaigning family, the course of AAV2 (Advanced Diploma in Mass Communication-Advertising Year Two)!

AAV2!... AAV2's official committee photo!

The bosses of AAV2...the team leaders of the AAV2 committee and their advisor, Ms Serene!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The evolution of the TLC logo

These are the initital logos we were experimenting with


Finally, we decided on... the logo which we have nicknamed as "the man with the long eye lash holding the heart"

Now, you can find the logo below in our MSN,Friendster and Facebook accounts! Support us!